Welcome to our NEW Kask website!

Posted by sverre on november 13, 2017 in

Hello all and WELCOME to our new KASK website!

We hope you will like it and that it can give you a lot of positive energy, inspiration and answer most of your questions about us!

Last week we celebrated the documentary Très bonne Équipe!, the story about Kaj & Sverre, freeskiing, passion, friendship and of course a lot about KASK.
There are some nice trailers in our Instagram and Facebook feed, go check it out!
To follow this up in a nice way, we
GIVE AWAY THIS LITTLE BOOK and DVD, the full movie
FREE in all web orders from now on until december 24:th
SO, thank you for visiting us, sign up for our newsletter for more news and great offers, and please spread the word!
All best Kaj & Sverre


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