Get to know Said Belhaj!

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Spring is in the air, and we want to introduce you to this fine young man and dedicated climber Said Belhaj.


Said, Where in the world you call ”home”?

– I have my family in Gothenburg/Sweden, Kauhava/Finland, Rabat/Marocko…but besides that there is plenty of sweetspots in this worlds 6 continents I call home!

”Papichulo” 9a+ in Oliana, Spain.

What do you always bring on your adventures/travels?

A system camera, laptop, books, music instrument.

What means ”MUSIC” for you?
– It means everything. Music is a way for me to relate to myself and everything in my surroundings such as different cultures, people, spiritual, my roots, the past, the now, the future.
But, music can also be as simple as it is, just makes me happy and makes me wanna dance.
What is your main motivator in climbing?
– To get to climb the best routs there is in all categories, Sport, Trad, Boulder, Big-wall, all over the globe!
What do you need to feel satisfied?
– I climb pretty much every day since 25 years back now, it has become a daily routine for me. To climb makes my day complete in the same way as food and sleep.
What is your dream destination, your dream trip and dream place to climb?
– Brazil is highly rated on my bucket list. I have never been there. When it comes to the climbing part, the wanna-do-list is so long that I just hope I can do at least a few of them in my lifetime…
So Said, what is your favourite Kask product?
Karamell beanie is a long time favourite, it works in any occation on the wall or in the streets. I need products that works in any situation since I travel light all the time.

Thank you Said and have a great summer!

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