Seb Michaud

Achievements/ movies / comp results / other proud moments:

1st Xtreme Verbier 2005, 2nd FWT 2008, 1st Red Bull Snowthrill Chamonix 1997, 2nd Radikal Mountain La Clusaz 2011, 1st Skiers Cup Valle Nevado 2011, Seb Michaud Invitacion” South America 2009, 2010, 2011.

Favorite areas or descents:

Mont-Blanc area and ”le Clocher” at la Clusaz.

Describe your skiing background

- Started freeskiing with my parents when I was kid and then I practiced monoskiing. Then started moggles and aerials comp (Europa and World Cup). In 1995, I shooted with J.M. Favre for the first Skieur Mag. Freeride career was on.

What was your big breakthrough or defining moment in skiing?

- Free skiing session with friends.

Describe a skiing experience when things got out of hand:

- I think just to save my life. Avalanches are the most scared thing you can have in the mountains.

What are you up to when you’re not skiing?

- Sharing time with my family and practice other sports like mountain bike, surf, running in the mountain.

Any training advice or suggestions?

- I try to stay in good condition out of the winter season and skiing up to straight down with various playground.

Who or what inspires you?

- Shane Mc Conkey.

How do you see skiing evolving in the next five years?

- Hard to say, lot of things changed during last 10 years. Maybe material, style could evaluate.

Do you have any vices that you would like to share?

- Freeride, good vib’s!
- Todomatch!!!

What are your future plans or goals in skiing?

- Continue to ski with passion.

Seb Michaud's favorite kask setup.

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