Kaj Zackrisson

  • Oslo

Salomon, Swedish Posse, Swatch, Hestragloves

Höj! I am Kaj founder and owner of Kask together with Sverre.

I am happy skier that is traveling the world looking for the best snow possible. Its a dream come true for me to live this life. When I was seven years old I decided to be a skier, since then most of my choices in life has been to fulfill this dream.

I grew up skiing and learned to ski in my wonderful hometown Rättvik which is located in the heart of Dalarna/Sweden. I traveled all over Sweden with my family to ski on all small and big mountains. It was a lot of competitions but I did a lot of freeride. I was always finding the nice tree runs and jumps for daffys and back scratchers.

After years of doing competitions I started to get curios of skiing in some other ways. The spring of 98 me and Sverre went to Riksgränsen to try out the Scandinavian bigmountain comp. It was superfun, jump around on cliffs and make nice turns in the corn, we loved it. It was what I’ve been doing all my life after and before the racing training, play around on my skis. I was for sure hooked and since then I have been competing filming and shooting photos around the globe.

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My partners

Swedish Posse


1 2011 Skiers cup ( won all my heats)
1 2010 Verbier Xtreme
1 2008 Verbier Xtreme & Big Mountain Pro / Freeride World Tour
1 2008 Back to powder Tignes Airwaves
1 2007 Big Mountain Pro
1 2006 Verbier Xtreme
1 2003 Big Mountain Swedish Champion, X-Games Ultracross 2003
2 2007 Verbier Xtreme
2 2001 World Championship (Tignes), Redbull Snowthrill (Alaska) 2001
3 2007 Scandinavian Championship
4 Les Arcs World Tour 2003/2002, Snowbird World Tour 2001
5 Red Bull Snowthrill Chamonix 2002


Your great victories at Verbier X-Trem and Big Mountain Pro last winter?
– Ohh it was an amazing feeling to win again in Verbier but best is the feeling of nailing a run under those circumstances. It’s a very difficult mountain and pressure is for sure on highest level.

The bigmountain pro for me is an ultimate freeride event, you fly out in the mountains and find your line with help of binoculars. Then you ski this untouched mountain in full speed, its little bit like filming. Of course winning this event two years in a row is one of my greatest achievement in my career. I am looking forward for next years event already!

Your best sessions last winter filming, shooting or travelling?
– Me Mike Douglas and Chris Rubens went with MSP and freeski tv to Montafon valley in Austria on a great trip. We had sun every day and the ski vibe was on top, after competing for some weeks I enjoyed skiing powder and hang out with a good crew of friends eating the Austrian grillteller. The bonus was to finish of the trip with two days of Heli skiing in St Moritz, nice.

Where do you ski this summer? Any special project?
– Yes, with Salomon team we went to Chile for ski test and a freeski tv adventure show. The Freeski range are in constant development so we went to chile to test new models. We found deep powder in mountains that had never been skied before. We stayed in a family farm on the foot of the Andes went up by 4×4 trucks to the snow, from there we took snowmobiles to the peaks and made some first descents. It was just a two week blast, really cool and on top of that I think our new ski is awesome.

What about your projects for next winter: contests? filming, photo shooting, travelling…?
– I will do the Freerideworld tour one more year, try to do some good results and have a good time doing it. Then I hope to go visit the Canadian powder or why not the Japanes we will see. I really hope I get one more chance to film with MSP to get a nice segment.

What about the new Freeski range? What do you like the most in these new skis?
– Salomon is really getting back on the right track with their new skis. In the 90’s Salomon came with the x-scream ski and it was a revolution in freeride skiing. Salomon was the brand that introduced freeriding products that gave the user a super fun experience on the mountain. I just love the new range of skis, they really give me the opportunity to go out there and have so much fun. With the new skis I can really push and develop my skiing skills and it fulfills my dreams of skiing.

Who is Kaj beside sking: where and how do you live? What are your other passions and hobbies?
– I live little bit here and there, in the winter I live in Chamonix and in summer/fall I live with my girlfriend in Oslo. But of course I’m almost on the road all the time, in the winter on a ski trip as well in the summer season but in the summer/fall I also travel a lot to work with my beanie brand, Kask. I go to Stockholm and Rättvik in Sweden to design and distribute and everything that you do in a company. Then of course my life is very sporty so I’ll do some kind of sport every day. Like biking crosscountry and I just tried out downhill so I’m pretty hooked on that. Then I practice motocross, tennis, skateboard, surfing, running, and workout at the gym so its little bit of everything.

Any other info?
– I cant wait for next season. Skiing Is so much fun I hope you know it to, maybe we will meet out there. We will release Goggles & Helmet this year on Kask so check’em out I’m really stoked on them.