Johan Jonsson

Haglöfs, Blizzard, Tecnica

Achievements / movies / comp results / other proud moments

– I’m mostly proud over that I’m able to live out of what I love, and have the time of my life while doing it.

Favorite areas or descents

Galtiberg in Engelberg. A run that makes me understand how small humans are. The spring shred in Riksgränsen is often the best days of the season though. It’s not always about where you go, but with whom. And the crew in Riks before the SBMC is the best!

Describe your skiing background

– I was racing until I was about 20, but the last ten years I’ve only been freeskiing big mountains.

What was your big breakthrough or defining moment in skiing?

– The first thing I remember is my first day of filming with the Swedish Posse. I was at the right place at the right time (just luck), and got to ski a couple of heli runs with that crew. The runs made the movie, and next year I went on my first film trip. I was just nervous and crashed the whole season though. Ha ha. But after a few years of construction work and asbestos cleaning to be able to ski, I signed with The North Face and Nordica, and was actually able to only focus on skiing during the winters. That changed my life.

Describe a skiing experience when things got out of hand

– The first year I was filming with the Swedish Posse, I took a couple of really bad decisions. One of them was to ski a run where I ended up in an avalanche, and ended up on the edge of a cliff. My feet were actually hanging out a little bit. After that, I was so scared of avalanches that I almost started crying a couple of times later that winter.

What are you up to when you’re not skiing?

– Spending time with my girlfriend, and the notorious “Pôjkon”. Flyfishing is my greatest passion besides skiing, and I also started riding my mountainbike more and more.

Any training advice or suggestions?

– Find something that you actually think is fun, otherwise it’s hard to find the motivation. For me, this is biking. But to stay away from injuries, I think everybody needs to spend some time in the gym in the gym too, or do that stuff at home. As long as the legs and core is strong, it doesn’t matter if you fix that in the gym, on the lawn, or in bed.

Who or what inspires you?

– I get inspired when I see that the skier/rider is having fun. Sometimes it seems like people are pushing the limits just because, and that never look smooth. Even if I’m not close to his level in any aspect, Gigi Rüf is very inspiring. His way of looking at the terrain is just amazing. And on the other side, Xavier de le Rue is just crushing is when it comes to big lines. I enjoy both.

How do you see skiing evolving in the next five years?

– I think competitions like Line Catcher will grow bigger. Mixing up different elements of skiing. I hope that the freeski community wont be over controlled by FIS and IOC now when we went Olympic…

Do you have any vices that you would like to share?

– Treat other people the way you want to be treated.

What are your future plans or goals in skiing?

– I’ve been injured a lot, and have been shooting very much stills the last year. Hopefully I can do more filming this winter, and deliver a good segment in one or two years. I’m filming with this winter, and they’re doing a two year project, so much of what I do will get out fall 13. Looking forward to shred with them in BC the coming winters!