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Jerk Looman

Your perfect day:
When I can breath clean fresh air and put food on my table.
Your family:
Your hobbies:
Socialize with friends. Watch a good movie. Travel
Your dream:
Find it. Raise a big family. Meet exotic animals in their natural habitat f.ex hunt with eagles in Mongolia. Walk on the moon or just ride the mountains in Alaska
My own words:
I’ve produced the Swedish Posse series. Before that I was a great chef that ruled the kitchen with my superb taste. I’ve met Lemmy and Ron Jeremy. Used to be a great snowboarder. I’ve wrestled down a guy that pulled a knife on my friend. I’ve done stupid things but I’m clever. I learned to swim when I was three. I’ve lived in Africa. I’ve lived close to a zoo. I’ve been on the crater edge of a live volcano. I rode a horse in full speed dressed as a gorilla. Proud uncle soon to be father, I care.
I ride:
Salomon snowboards, Bonfire

Jerk Looman's favorite kask setup.

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