Emil Svantesson

  • Falun


Achievements / movies / comp results / other proud moments

– King of style railjam 2010: 1st
– Which mountain slopestyle 2011:1st
– Salomon jib Academy 2012 Swedish Final: Top 8
– Pirate big air open 2012: 1st

Favorite areas or descents

– Kläppen and pretty much every park in Sälen

Describe your skiing background

– I haven’t been skiing that much in my life actually. It was only some trips up to Sälen at the holidays with my family until a few years ago when I started to ski in the parks. Directly when I started with jibbin/freestyle skiing, I was stuck. Every chance I got, I went skiing at my local slope to.

What was your big breakthrough or defining moment in skiing?

– It was probably the first time I landed a bodyflip. After that I quickly started to develop and learn more tricks.

What are you up to when you’re not skiing?

– Chillin with my classmates at Freeridegymnasiet, or eating oatmeal.

Any training advice or suggestions?

– Eat a lot of oatmeal!

Who or what inspires you?

– Creative people who go their own way within skiing.

How do you see skiing evolving in the next five years?

– I think that freestyle skiing is going to be much divided into groups. Some are going to focus more on numbers of rotations and flips, when others are going to put their focus on style and creativity. If I could choose how skiing would evolve in the next five years, I would choose a mix between these two.

Do you have any vices that you would like to share?

– Skiing is very fun of course, but funnier if you pretend that you’re a flying horse!

What are your future plans or goals in skiing?

– I have always wanted to be able to live on my skiing. If I succeed with that, nothing else does really matter as long as I can do what I want to do, which is to ski.