Anna Swenn Larsson

Achievements/ movies / comp results / other proud moments

Last year I had a great season. It was so fun. In the beginning of the season I was ranked 65 in slalom. When I ended it I was the 21:th best slalom skier in the world. Im looking forward to this season and a big goal is the world champs in Scladming.

Favorite areas or descents

I like Aspen a lot. It´s really cool and the snow is grippy and nice for an alpine skiier otherwise I have to say that Soldeo in Andorra is really cosy and has a lot of nice pistes.

Describe your skiing background

- It started in “Rätiksslalomklubb” when I was about five years old. I did a lot of different sports in younger age. I was not that good in skiing actually but I have always been a competitive girl who never gives up.

What was your big breakthrough or defining moment in skiing?

- Two years ago at the junior world championships I took a silvermedal at the slalomrace, same year I took my first worldcuppoints. It was two big moments for me. Last year was my best year so far with five top fifteen places in the worldcup slalom.

Describe a skiing experience when things got out of hand:

- No, I always have everything under control and I am really calm and unhurriedl

What are you up to when you’re not skiing?

- I like to be home in Rättvik spending time in the forest with my dog and family. Hang out with my friends and doing crazy things.

Any training advice or suggestions?

- Train hard, have a lot of fun and never give up.

Who or what inspires you?

- Therese Borssen, When I was younger I always said that I wanted to be like her and I was so happy when she came to some training and gave us tips.
- Lindsey Vonn is also an incredible skier.
- My mum is also a big part of everything. She has really been supporting and helping me through everything, not just skiing.

How do you see skiing evolving in the next five years?

- I´m really motivated. A big goal is the olympic games in Sochi 2014 but also the world champs this year in Schladming. To be on the podium in the worldcups slalom and to progress my skiing all the time. Never be satisfied, always try to do better. To have a lot of fun.

Anna Swenn Larsson's favorite kask setup.

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