Five quick questions to Oscar Almgren, UTEGUIDEN

Posted by sverre on december 23, 2017 in

Oscar Almgren, a Kask friend and the founder of Uteguiden


Hello Oscar! How is the season start been in Stranda so far!?

– Incredible good here right now, early start and nobody of the locals here can even remember so much snow early November before.

When is prime time to visit Stranda and the Sunnmøre Alps?

February is most concistant when it comes to snowfall 🙂 March-April is a little bit longer days and bigger chance to see the sun.

Where do you personally travel to go skiing?

– Hmm I like Kittelfjäll i Sweden, and of course beautiful ski touring up north around the Lyngen Alps.

Future plans?

– My biggest goal right now is to get my kids Wilma (3) and Elias (6m) into skiing. I looks promising since Wilmas stoke when the first snow arrived was  ”I wanna SKIIIIIII!”

Anything you would like to say about the Freeride Camp in february with Kaj & Sverre?

– The idea is to inspire people that maybe didn’t spent so much time ski touring, so we added more resort skiing than previous years. Then of course we hope fir more girls to showe up and shred with us, I believe it’s gonna be a super week for sure!

Also check out Oscars favourite Kask gear here & here 😉


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